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FinalBalance.com: offers people an alternative to getting debt they have in collection status paid. By becoming a member you are able to submit the balance you owe in collections to us by using our balance form. We then connect them with contributors we have in place that are able to help. Your balance information from creditors will remain confidential and never available publicly.

Our team will work diligently on your behalf at getting your collection items paid. If you are currently using debt consolidation,credit repair or a debt management program you may continue to do so. 

We do not negotiate with your creditors however our model is simple, TO AIM AT GETTING YOUR COLLECTIONS PAID PARTIAL OR IN FULL on your behalf.

You can post almost any balance you owe
give us a try and see for yourself.




 If you currently have bills that are past due and 
in collections status you may need to post them now!

Unexpected circumstances can cause major changes to anyone's life, but you don't have to settle for it.  There is a better way to handle collections and our service is here to help you find it.

Follow the 3 easy steps listed below as a resolution to your collection status by using the resources we already have in place.
1. subscribe and choose your membership level.

2. gather your bills totaling up to the maximum    amount listed on your membership level.

3. fill out the required information and submit.

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